The Mailman Has Arrived: Four Mini-PCs on the Test Bench

MSI Mega PC (Mega 651): A Living Room PC With Minor Defects

The chic barebone system from MSI is barely recognizable as a PC.

A view of the connections on the back.

Good workmanship on the MSI Mega PC.

Of all the test participants, the MSI Mega PC looks most like an audio system at first glance. A large display on the front combined with a rotation controller and the aluminum housing are more reminiscent of a compact system. MSI has actually integrated a stereo radio that also works when the PC is switched off. The below-average reception quality (high noise component) can be explained by the cubical antenna that comes with the product, although connection with a cable leaves the tuner completely cold. The operating concept of the radio has not been properly thought out, so it becomes necessary to consult the manual. In the case of conventional hi-fi systems, intuitive operation is standard. Users who have difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings might miss the wake-up function on the radio, although the description "timer" leads one to assume the existence of this feature on initial contact. On the other hand, the optional CD/ DVD drive is interesting, allowing normal music and MP3-coded CD/ DVDs to be played without having to start the PC.