The new mainstream Radeon: The 9000 series

Test Setup

Processor Intel Pentium 4 2,2 GHz (100 MHz)
Memory 2 x 256 MB, PC 266, CL2
Motherboard MSI 845G Max
Drivers & Software
Graphics Driver NVIDIA - v29.42
ATI - v6.13.10.6094
Matrox - v1.00.25
DirectX Version 8.1
OS Windows XP Professional
Benchmarks & Settings
Quake III Arena Retail Version 1.17
Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
Star Wars Retail Version v1.02
Jedi Knight II Benchmark using 'jk2ffa'
Max Payne Retail Version v1.05
Benchmark using 'Shooting Alex'
Giants Retail Version v1.04
Aquanox Retail Version v1.17
Dungeon Siege Retail Version v1.00
Comanche 4 Benchmark Demo V
3D Mark 2001 SE Pro Version, Build 330

It was pretty clear that the driver of the Radeon 9000 PRO test sample was still in the beta stages, which was rather surprising, considering the imminent product launch. At the time of the test, the driver could only be used with the Radeon 9000. For testing the Radeon 7500 and Radeon 8500, we used the latest official Catalyst driver. NVIDIA's test cards were tested with the reference driver v29.42 and the Xabre was tested with v3.00.53.

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