Mainstream Runners: 5 Allround Graphic Cards with nVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

NVIDIA TwinView Vs. Matrox Dual Head, Continued

Both TwinView and Dual Head have similar features that are only named differently by NVIDIA and Matrox. Please check the following table for the choices:

Description nVIDIA TwinView Matrox Dual Head
The Second Monitor provides an extension of the Windows desktop. You can select the orientation (horizontal/vertical) in the driver's utility. Windows 98 Multi Monitor Support Dual Head Multi Display
Both monitors show exactly the same. That is very useful for presentations, as you may attach e.g. a video beamer to the 2nd port. Clone Mode Dual Head Clone
Using the Matrox DVD software, you can watch a DVD movie over the TV output without any influence on your Windows environment. Please note that this reduces your CPU performance by ~1/3. not available Dual Head DVDMax
Similar to Matrox DVDMax. Instead of a TV out, the second monitor is used and can be assigned to any application. Application Exclusive not available
A selectable area of the primary screen is shown enlarged on the second monitor. This is useful for image processing. Application Zone Mode Dual Head Zoom
Virtual Desktop allows you to configure the Windows desktop freely. Both monitos are used. Virtual Desktop not available
A copy of the screen content will be shown on the TV output without the need to change the refresh rate, just as many graphic cards with TV output. not available Dual Head TV Output

You can find our in-depth review of the Matrox Millennium G450 .

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