Mainstream Runners: 5 Allround Graphic Cards with nVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

GeForce2 MX On The Run: 5 New Cards

The first review of the GeForce2 MX is already half a year ago. Today, nVIDIA's mainstream chip is introducing both the multimedia and business market, as the technology for using two monitors is available now: TwinView. The GeForce2 MX basically supports TwinView ever since its release, just the driver support was initially missing.

There are many reasons why one should decide to purchase a graphics card with GeForce2 MX. First of all those cards are technically very good - maybe except for the SDR-SDRAM memory. Double Data Rate memory could boost up the MX's performance quite a bit, but would also raise the costs tremendously. With SDR memory, those cards are still reasonably priced though less powerful. The third reason is of course the respectable 3D-performance and reason number four definitely TwinView. Cards with two monitor outputs are only slightly more expensive than standard models, but allow professional users to increase their efficiency. Having the option to watch a web page growing e.g. in the main window of Macromedia Dreamweaver, you can edit the source code in the dedicated window placed on the second screen simultaneously. Looks like the MX league is getting ready to rumble!