Making a custom PC enclosure with Protocase

Results, Continued

In addition to being stylish, the case is also utilitarian. It's quite large and comfortable to work with, sturdy, and everything fits in it just like it should.

The case shown with the side panel removed and an installed motherboard.

The rear view of the case with a PSU installed.

Optical drive mounts on the inside of the case.

Handles on the top of the case (this touch was included by Protocase, by the way!)

The only thing I could possibly complain about here is that Protocase does not supply any electronics at all with the case. While this seems like common sense, it would have been nice if they had included a power button for the front; I'm sure other clients would value that service as well. But that's nit picking, really; what matters is that Protocase delivered an amazing physical realization of a simple sketch. The possibilities are endless, and I have no doubt that the folks at Protocase can deliver on whatever they promise.