Making a custom PC enclosure with Protocase


PC customization has exploded in recent years, but it's important to remember that computer customization has always been around. It's just that today, it seems to be more for style's sake than it ever has been before.

Before style was much of an issue, in those long-forgotten days of the one-color-fits-all beige PC cases, there were still compelling reasons to customize a PC. For instance, let's say you wanted a PC enclosure to fit in the trunk of your car to host an elaborate MP3 playing system. There wasn't too much out there in terms of enclosures that you could buy "off the rack" to suit your needs. This is just one scenario, of course; there are an infinite number of other reasons people would need a specialized enclosure, and they still apply today.

So where do you turn to, when you need a PC case designed and machined for your specific requirements? You go to a company that specializes in custom manufacturing of PC enclosures. Enter Protocase, a custom PC enclosure designing and manufacturing company with multiple offices in North America.

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