Making a custom PC enclosure with Protocase


To conclude, let's have a look at the financial costs of building a custom case like this one.

The actual manufacturing and painting of the case came to about $1130. In addition, there was about $330 of set-up fees, so the total invoice was about $1460.

Frankly, that sounds about right to me. Keep in mind that the staff spent quite a few hours with me designing and revising the case, and all of that was included in the set-up fee. I'd imagine that if I had been experienced enough to design it from the ground up in the format that they required, the fee would have been less.

As for the manufacturing, Protocase's pricing seems to be the going rate, if not a little low. It's hard to judge because I couldn't find a lot of competitors in this field, but from what I did see, you could spend a lot more than $1130 on manufacturing a completely custom case.

In the final analysis, Protocase provided a really well-built case, completely to my specifications, in a timely fashion, and at a reasonable price. I can say with absolute confidence that if you're considering getting a custom case manufactured, you owe it to yourself to consider Protocase for the job.

Author's Opinion

I wish all companies were as much of a pleasure to work with as Protocase was during the course of this review. Thanks to Sagar and Christa for their patience; it was a really interesting experience, and thanks for making that spiffy THG case for us to enjoy.

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