mCubed's T-Balancer: Fan Controllers Go the Mod Way

Alternative Software

Alternative software to T-Balancer

The T-Balancer has a huge fan community in the Internet. In addition to discussion forums devoted to the device, there is also an alternative application by a user known as "Deep_Thought." The alternative application offers advantages compared to the original software by combining the various modules for fan control, sensor monitoring and the lightshow. The "Effects" submenu has three predefined configurations that can be changed using the mouse. The "Save" button saves the current settings. These are automatically loaded when the software is restarted. The cons: if settings are changed and saved, the previous settings are lost - in other words, there is only one saved configuration. The software can be downloaded from

Three basic effects can be configured - but saved only once

  • odd
    tha's great
    i think it is very simple to use
    and the automatic
    but here's the problem!!!
    where can i buy it?
    which store is avaible in EE. UU.
    ANYONE KNOW'S something?