mCubed's T-Balancer: Fan Controllers Go the Mod Way

A Modular Fan Controller And A Lightshow

Home-made and programmed lighting effects

One glance at the T-Balancer series from mCubed and you know right away that it is different than competing fan controller devices . Adding to its uniqueness in design, the T-Balancer is also available in different form factors. The TBAN-XL is an external device, operated via USB. Another version, the TBAN-SL4 adapter, looks like a normal PCI card, but has no actual contacts for the PCI slot. Both devices have an internal and an external USB connector.

What we missed in the T-Balancer is a display that shows the values without needing to run the software. Reading the sensor is only possible using the tools supplied by T-Balancer. The TBAN fan controller and its lighting effects only work when the software is run in Windows. Connected fans do still run at a default setting to avoid damage to the hardware, however. We recommend starting the application automatically with Windows.

But be careful! The T-Balancer still has some problems with USB 2.0 and you should avoid using these connectors at all costs. The current software version has huge problems with them and crashes more than often than it works. According to the manufacturer, this problem is being worked on and an update should be available in the next few weeks. Details of the new software and its capabilities will be provided at a later date.

Using USB 1.x, however, keeps crashes within limits and the fan control and lightshow is good to go.

Perfect symbiosis: lighting and air effects combined

The TBAN-XS can also be run externally from the PC

The board is identical to the internal card of the TBAN-SL4

Packaging for the TBAN-XS

Internal card, but without connections to the PCI interface

Packaging for the TBAN-SL4

Siggy Moersch
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    tha's great
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