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Hacking The HP EX470/475 MediaSmart Servers

Benchmarking The EX475 With Sempron 3400+, LE-1640, And BE-2350

Interestingly, the LE-1640 and BE-2350 bring different strengths to the contest so that the outcome is not as cut and dried as you might expect. Table 4 includes the values from the NASPT benchmarks for these three processors, where all were equipped with 2 GB of RAM.

Table 4: Benchmarks for Sempron 3400+, LE-1640, BE-2350 with 2.0 GB RAM

HD Video Playback33.231.028.6Weak inverse correlation to procstrength
2x HD Playback11.710.99.8Inverse correlation to procstrength
3x HD Playback9.98.19.2Weak inverse correlation to procstrength
4x HD Playback9.87.88.6Weak inverse correlation to memory size
HD Video Record137.0134.5137.5Little or no benefit to procstrength
HD Playback and Record39.038.036.0Weak inverse correlation to procstrength
HD 2x Playback 2x Record20.921.221.9Little or no benefit to procstrength
HD Playback with Office36.034.030.5Inverse correlation to procstrength
HD Playback with Backup27.626.328.1Mixed bag: no clear benefit
Content Creation6.76.56.7Mixed bag: No clear benefit
Office Productivity23.422.923.8Mixed bag: No clear benefit
Backup48.754.552.3Mild correlation to clock rate
Restore18.419.217.7Mixed bag: No clear benefit
File Copy to NAS72.474.274.2Mixed bag: No clear benefit
File Copy from NAS38.340.635.3Mixed bag: No clear benefit
Dir Copy to NAS5.64.05.7Mixed bag: No clear benefit
Dir Copy from NAS34.134.831.5Mixed bag: No clear benefit
Photo Album23.320.419.3Inverse correlation to procstrength

I went into this exercise expecting the dual-core BE-2350 to swamp both of the other single-core processors, but came away believing there’s no clear advantage here. Except for inveterate tinkerers, this tells me that a CPU upgrade isn’t really necessary. In fact, if you accept the sum of all benchmark values for each processor as a rough-and-ready basis for comparison, the 3400+ comes out on top (596), followed by the LE-1640 (588.9), trailed by the BE-2350 (576.7).

Of course, there’s only a 1.2% difference between the 3400+ and the LE-1640, and 2.1% between the LE-1640 and the BE-2350, so we’re talking about a total variation of 3.3%, which I have to believe is completely within the range of sampling error. With no clear advantage for upgrading, this becomes a completely discretionary task.

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