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Hands-On With Five Mini-ITX Cases

SilverStone SG05

The SilverStone SG05 looks a lot like a classic small form factor PC from Shuttle, given its dimensions and simple (yet not cheap-looking) design. The outside of the black steel chassis is minimalistic; the large ventilation fan slot on the front is the only thing really attracting any attention. Despite the fact that SilverStone's SG05 is a Mini-ITX enclosure, it swallows standard-sized components quite effortlessly.

Potent Dwarf With A 300 W PSU

With an internal vertical height of 7.8 cm, the case has plenty of space for aftermarket CPU coolers. It even takes dual-slot graphics card with lengths of up to 22.8 cm, such as the Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 we used. This makes it the smallest case in our roundup with support for this sort of high-end graphics solutions, which is appealing to gamers who want to combine the compact dimensions of a Mini-ITX system with a capable GPU. The 300 W PSU and large, front-mounted 120 mm fan are able to cope with the demands of a fast graphics card, too.

Both Desktop And Notebook Hard Drives Accepted

The SilverStone SG05 is flexible when it comes to storage, allowing for the installation of either a 3.5” or a 2.5” hard drive. Oversized 2.5” hard drives with a height of more than 9.5 mm are no problem either. It also has room for a slim-line optical drive.

The motherboard installation was effortless. Help yourself by removing the two screws holding the 3.5" drive frame, and then pull it out. You’ll have full access to install the board. An adapter for connecting parallel ATA slim-line optical drives is included.

Conclusion: The Race Horse

The SilverStone SG05 is the smallest case with support for dual-slot graphics cards that we're testing today, accommodating graphics cards with a length of 22.8 cm, and equipped with a powerful 300 W PSU. Consumers looking for an economical gaming system or snappy Mini-ITX PC cannot go wrong with this case, especially since it can be equipped with standard-size hardware. It looks good, and it's way cheaper than the Luxa2 chassis on the previous page.

SilverStone SG05
TypeMini-ITX case
Form factorMini-ITX
Dimensions (W x H x D)222 x 176 x 276 mm
MaterialSteel, plastic front panel
Connections2 x USB 2.0, Audio in/out
PSU300 W
Support for expansion cardsYes, maximum length 22.8 cm
Drives1 x 3.5” or 2.5” hard drive, 1 x 5.25” optical drive (Slim-line)
Ventilation1 x 120 mm (front)
Weight3.52 kg
PriceAround $105
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