Modding Fans Will Love It: The U2UFO Chassis

Room For 11 System Fans

The U2UFO chassis banks on some solid cooling, which consists of the many fan mounts for 120 mm (4.7") and 80 mm (3.15") fans. On the front side, there are as many as four mounts for system fans. On the backside, however, four 80 mm fans and just one 120 mm fan can be used. In total, there are seven large fans and four smaller fans. What is desperately needed, though, is a fan controller. In fact, make that two, because we have yet to run into a fan controller that can manage more than six fans at the same time. To install both fan controllers, the U2UFO cube offers plenty of options for drive-bay and other installations. For example, even after both fan controllers are installed, three 5.25" drive bays are still free.

Installing the many system fans - in addition to the U2UFO chassis as such - takes a larger chunk out of your pocketbook. A 120 mm fan that is somewhat quiet can be had for $7 or more. If you buy seven of them, that sets you back a grand total of $50. 80 mm fans are a bit cheaper, costing around $5 to $10 (a bit more if they include LEDs). You should plan to spend approximately $100 in addition to the two fan controllers, which add up to another $100. But what you get in the end is anything but your ordinary mass-produced discount PC, at least as far as your chassis is concerned. On the inside, you can install motherboards with different form factors, from Micro-ATX up to WTX. Even server motherboards have no problems operating with the U2UFO cube. Also, Mountain Mods made sure that there was enough room for hard drives as well. Nine drive cages for 3.5" drives are provided, and if that is not enough, users can arrange the drives on the bottom of the chassis. The footprint is large enough and can be used for additional hardware and drives.

Plenty of room for red 120 mm and blue 80 mm fans.

Siggy Moersch
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    That is by far the worst case I have ever seen. It is way beyond butt ugly. Ugh.(Its true that case is ugly)
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    That is by far the worst case I have ever seen. It is way beyond butt ugly. Ugh.(Its true that case is ugly)

    Have you ever made one better?

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