Modding Fans Will Love It: The U2UFO Chassis


At last, there's a chassis that offers sufficient space and looks good, too. The U2UFO cube won't just send the hearts of modding fans aflutter - it also targets hobby do-it-yourselfers who want to have unique PC to call their own. However, the price is higher than that of a standard MIDI chassis. Envy aside, all visitors will adore your cube. Users who have big, strong arms and/or regularly take anabolic steroids can also bring the U2UFO chassis to their next LAN party, where they'll be sure to take center stage. When empty, the chassis is not that heavy, as its weight (7 kg/15 pounds) is somewhere in the range for mini towers. But with extensive hardware equipment installed, the weight increases dramatically. That, in turn, means you should be careful when transporting the chassis. The sturdy rolls can tempt users to cover large distances, for instance, transporting the cube from the parking lot to the showroom. However, you should make sure that strong vibrations don't kill off the hard drives (bumpy surfaces and high-heels can be dangerous!). Graphics cards can also come loose.

The U2UFO chassis is particularly well-suited for modders - finally, they can install everything they always wanted to install, but never had enough room for. The mounts for the 120 mm and 80 mm fans are predestined for numerous lighting effects and UV system fans. The same goes for the three plexiglass panes: Not only do they allow a glance at the internal workings, they are also ideal for showing off your lighting effects.

Also suited for multi-processor boards.

The black/gray color combo looks good.

A model with fewer fan mounting slots.

The U2UFO made by is available starting at a price of $315.

Siggy Moersch
  • warezme
    forum hijacking hmmm, so our forums are now just another place to hawk your wares....
  • rochin
    That is by far the worst case I have ever seen. It is way beyond butt ugly. Ugh.(Its true that case is ugly)
  • MadHacker
    9457034 said:
    That is by far the worst case I have ever seen. It is way beyond butt ugly. Ugh.(Its true that case is ugly)

    Have you ever made one better?

    I'm designing my own case...
    If it looks half as good as that...
    then it won't be to bad...