Motherboard Comparison Epox EP-7KXA vs. Asus K7V


The benchmark results show it once more, motherboards with VIA's Apollo KX133 chipset should definitely be preferred over motherboards with AMD's old 750 chipset. It is certainly true however, that there's no urgent need for an upgrade from an AMD750 to a KX133 motherboard right now, as long as you are happy with the performance of your current system. The improvements of KX133 lie mainly in the area of software that can take advantage of AGP4x. The higher memory bandwidth provided by KX133's PC133 support can only show a little in 3D-applications. People who are buying a new Athlon system however, should only go for KX133. There is simply not even one single reason to buy an AMD750 based board anymore.

As for the few two contenders in this test, it's pretty obvious that my recommendation goes towards the Asus K7V. It provided excellent stability combined with very good performance. So far it's the fastest Athlon-platform that I have tested. Our upcoming large KX133 motherboard test will show if Asus can pull off another overall win. So far it proved to be a very promising candidate for winning the 'Best Athlon Motherboard' contest.

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