MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

Post-Processing: Brightness And Volume

Super feature: Increasing brightness by 25 percent will produce a perfect video image.

Louder: In the past, most movies were way too quiet after encoding. This feature helps increase the volume by 180 percent.

The two most useful features of Flask 4.1 have to do with image brightness and volume of the audio signal. Many users are familiar with the problem that came up in earlier Flask versions: after MPEG-4 encoding, the image in the finished video was too dim. In previous versions, Flask did not allow for correcting this, but the new Flask now comes equipped with this feature.

We have determined that an increase in brightness of 25 percent produces the best possible image. A similar thing occurs with the sound signal: most videos were so quiet that we had to set them to maximum volume during playback. Flask 4.1 allows the volume to be raised by percentages via a special menu. We worked with the "180 percent" setting, which produced an ideal volume when the MPEG-4 film was completely coded.

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