MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

Data Press: 735 MB For 65 Minutes Of Video

The "Global project options" menu contains all settings needed to output the video.

Our laboratory tests showed that standard blank CDs with a capacity of 700 MB (CD-R 80) can be stretched by overburning to up to 735 MB . This makes it possible to put about 65 minutes of video from a DVD-ROM at full PAL or NTSC resolution and stereo sound with 128 kBit/s. If you want to save a longer film sequence on a single CD-R, you can either lower the resolution (to about 640x480 dots), or decrease the data rate. To do this we experimented with various MPEG-4 codecs and settings, although the DivX 3.20a codec can still be considered the best . Even the new DivX 4.01 codec, despite its many adjustment options, does not reach the image quality of the DivX 3.20a codec. The codec 3.20a is misleadingly being offered as the 3.2.

Only complete PAL or NTSC resolutions makes sense. Gone are the days when videos were the size of postage stamps.

The NTSC standard used in the US calls for 30 frames per second. 25 frames per second should only be selected for PAL films.

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