MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

A Tough Choice: DivX 3.20a Codec Still Better Than DivX 4.01 Codec

The old DivX 3.20a codec still offers the best video quality.

Limited options for settings with DivX 3.20a codec.

Before starting to encode a movie, the optimum video and audio data rate should be set. Make no compromises on the video resolution: Full PAL or NTSC resolution is a must . Finally, the days of wobbly sequences in postage-stamp size are over. A good balance between video quality and data rate at full PAL or NTSC resolutions can be achieved if the video data stream is set at a maximum of 1500 kBit/s. For the DivX 3.20a codec this means that at 187.5 kB/s of video, about 67 minutes fit on a CD-ROM - although still without an audio signal. With an audio portion (data flow audio+video at 203.5 kB/s), assuming a constant data rate, about 62 minutes of high-quality film fit on a CD with 735 MB of capacity. Skimping on the data rate of the audio signal is also not advisable. Stereo sound with 128 kBit/s at a 44.1 kHz sample rate provide sound that is comparable with that of an audio CD.

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