MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

Fine Adjustments: Resolution, Detail And Filter

The "BiCubic" filter gave us the best video quality in our tests.

Selecting the right portion of the image using the detail window.

As most films available on DVD are in broadband (cinema) format, a fine adjustment of the resolution is advisable. In concrete terms, this means that only the areas containing image information are actually coded. Otherwise the black edges (which are required as part of the 16:9 format) get coded in the MPEG-4 format as well, so that in the worst possible case, the data stream increases by up to 15 percent. Filtering is a topic that deserves its own chapter. According to our findings, "BiCubic" produces the best results with Flask 4.1.

The converted video is saved in this directory on the hard drive.

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    Which is the best option for a dual display? Dual View, Homogeneous adapter or the heterogeneous adapter?