MPEG-4 With The New Flask 4.1: Almost DVD Quality

The New Flask 4.1/DivX 4.01 Codec, Continued

"Components" of the new Flask 4.1.

The most frequently used tool for making MPEG-4 files is Flask Mpeg. The software, available on the Internet as freeware, relies on the MPEG-4 Codec "DivX" - which is a trademark of DivXNetworks, Inc - in which parameters, settings, and special CPU register settings are transferred.

The programmers succeeded in making significant advances with the new Flask 4.1 version, which is now also called Xmeg. We tested the most current version together with the DivX-4.01-codec, which is also new. All software can be downloaded at DivXVIDEO. First and foremost, we can confirm that Flask 4.1 has become considerably more stable than past versions - there are fewer sudden program crashes.

The convenient menu selection, which now has features that are almost professional, deserves special mention. However, we discovered several weak points that allow sufficient room for improvement.

The THG-CPU video was converted to MPEG-4 format with Flask 4.1.

A look at the settings: Flask 4.1 displays all available functions.

Flask 4.1: The special instruction sets of modern CPUs are used and supported for faster MPEG-4-encoding.

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