Multitalented: All-in-One Graphic Boards

Benchmarks - Test Configuration

DVD-Player Sony DVD Player DVP-S530D (S-Video Out)
DVD Video Essentials (Joe Kane Productions)
Motherboard Abit AB-BX6
Memory PC100 8ns
Hard disk Western Digital AC4 18000 (E-IDE) DMA enabled
Network Netgear FA310TX
Variable Components  
CPUs Intel Celeron, Pentium II, Pentium !!! (333 - 550 MHz)
Graphics settings see graphics cards, default settings 1024 x 768 at 16 Bit and 85 Hz refresh rate

Manufacturer 3dfx Asus ATI Elsa Matrox
Product Voodoo3 3500TV AGP-V3800 UD All in Wonder 128 Erazor III Video Marvel G400TV
Display driver (30 Jul 99) 4.11.0191 (15 Jul 99) 4.11.6114 (Rel. Cand. CD26 dated 28 Apr 99) (16 Sep 99) (07 Sep 99)
Multimedia driver (09 Aug 99) 1.00.03 4.1.8107 (02 Sep 99) n/a (HW decoding)
Capture app Visual Reality V2.03 Build 228 Asus Live V3.3R ATI TV Player 6.0 Elsa VideoControl 1.00.04 (03 Sep 99) Matrox Video Tools Version 1.51.024
Low Quality Resolution 320x240 352x240 352x288 320x240 320x240
High Quality Resolution not possible 704x512 720x576 640x480 704x576
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