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NEC EA244UHD 24-Inch Ultra HD Monitor Review

Users seeking maximum pixel density need look no further than a 24-inch Ultra HD screen. We recently looked at Dell’s UP2414Q. Today we’re testing NEC’s EA244UHD. It’s part of the company's business-class line but offers much more than its stablemates.

Packaging, Physical Layout And Accessories

The EA244UHD is securely packed in a double-corrugated carton with air-bladder cushions (something we haven’t seen before). They’re designed to be easily recycled and extremely light. Despite this, they provide solid protection and should ensure the safe arrival of your new purchase.

The accessory bundle includes an IEC power cord; DisplayPort, ControlSync and USB 3.0 cables; and a printed setup guide. There’s no CD in the box; you’ll have to download the user manual from NEC’s website.

Product 360

The base and upright come attached, so no assembly is necessary. Like the other Ultra HD monitors we’ve tested, the EA244UHD has a light anti-glare layer that works well in most environments, while retaining maximum image clarity. The bezel is very thin at the top and sides, and only slightly wider at the bottom, making it a good candidate for multi-screen configurations.

The bezel controls are all touch sensitive and clearly labeled. When you operate them, icons appear on the screen to tell you their functions. Options like volume, brightness and input can be accessed without going through the OSD. The touch pads require very little pressure and can be activated by accident if you’re not careful.

The EA244UHD is fully adjustable thanks to a solidly-built stand. In addition to portrait mode, you get 25 degrees of tilt, 5.1 inches of height travel and almost 360 degrees of swivel. NEC continues to provide one of the best-made stands in the business. It moves with just the right amount of effort and there’s no play at all.

NEC monitors are not the slimmest; their side profile always looks industrial. Generous ventilation exposes the heavily shielded innards in this photo. The small input panel houses a USB port and a headphone jack.

You can see from the back that vents run the full perimeter of the power bulge. Above NEC's logo is a carrying handle, which is extremely useful. There are two 100mm VESA mounts that facilitate plenty of flexibility when using aftermarket brackets. Attached to the upright is a tube for cable management.

The EA244UHD has almost as many inputs as an HDTV. There are two each of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. One of the HDMI ports is MHL-compatible. Why so many? NEC lets you pipe in and display as many as four sources on-screen at once. With such high pixel density, each image can be of extremely high quality. The panel is rounded out by USB 3.0 upstream and downstream ports, ControlSync in and out and an analog audio input.