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System Builder Marathon Q3 2015: Gaming PC


For this build, careful component selection and attention to detail have allowed me to avoid any surprises concerning parts fitting or working together.

The Carbide SPEC-03 has plenty of room on the inside for both installing components and cable management, which made the assembly a breeze. Both side panels detach with thumbscrews, and after moving a few of the motherboard standoffs around to fit the configuration of the micro-ATX motherboard, I installed the board and went on to the rest of the case.

The Hyper TX3 from Cooler Master mounts in the same manner as the stock cooler, utilizing a set of pushpins to secure itself to the board. Both the optical drive and the SSD mount in tool-less drive bays, and took seconds to install.

After installing the graphics card and power supply, the only thing that was left was cable management. Thanks to the amount of room in the case, even the cable management was mostly effortless.

After everything was put in place, the finished product looked something like the photo below.

 Even with everything installed, there's still room for another graphics card (CrossFire only), SSD, several hard drives, additional RAM and more.