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System Builder Marathon Q3 2015: Gaming PC

Component Selection

With my budget in hand, I set out to start picking my components. For a fleeting moment, I got the notion that I might be able to use a Skylake processor and still somehow manage to afford a decent graphics card as well. That lasted for all of 30 seconds, until my budget brought me back to Earth and I accepted the reality of the situation. With Skylake off the table, and since I happened to have an extra $100 for hardware, I decided to go back to the Q1 2015 $700 build and see what I could do to improve upon it. The chief complaints from that build seem to be the lack of an SSD, a lackluster motherboard, and the poor choice of power supply. Let's see if I can manage to do any better.

The focus of my build is on gaming, so this means forgoing the possibility of a Skylake or Haswell i5 in order to shift what little money I have into funding the graphics card.

Intel Core i3-4170View Deal

Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 380View Deal

ASRock H97M Pro 4View Deal

Cooler Master Hyper TX3View Deal

G.SKILL Ares 8GBView Deal

SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GBView Deal

ASUS DRW-24F1ST DVD WriterView Deal

Corsair Carbide SPEC-03 Black, White LEDView Deal

EVGA 500W Nonmodular Power SupplyView Deal