Nexigo NG17FGQ 17.3-inch Portable Gaming Monitor Review: Small Size, Big Performance

The Nexigo NG17FGQ is a 17.3-inch IPS FHD portable gaming monitor with 300 Hz refresh and HDR.

Nexigo NG17FGQ
(Image: © Tom's Hardware)

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Uncalibrated – Maximum Backlight Level

The NG17FGQ is rated for 300 nits but I couldn’t quite get there in SDR mode. 273 nits is plenty of brightness for a portable screen though. I got closer to 300 in HDR mode, so the capability is definitely there.

Black levels were impressively low which resulted in a class-leading 1,340.2:1 contrast ratio. That’s better than any IPS panel in my recent experience and it shows in the image. Color is more saturated, and the picture has greater depth and texture than typical IPS monitors that are at 1,000:1. This is excellent performance.

After Calibration to 200 nits

After calibration to 200 nits, the gap between the Nexigo and AOC narrows a little, but Nexigo is still the winner. Its black levels are superb, which makes me wish there was a darker gamma preset because some performance is left under the table. But overall, it delivers a quality picture with lots of detail and richness.

The NG17FGQ also narrowly wins the intra-image contrast test over the AOC. For any monitor to maintain such a high ANSI contrast ratio speaks to its quality engineering and construction.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.