Notebook Drives At Up To 160 GB Put Under the Microscope

Fujitsu MHV2160BT: 160 GB SATA

The MHV2160BT is Fujitsu's current top 160 GB model. Though it comes with a Serial ATA/150 interface, it cannot benefit from it. Unlike Seagate's 5,400 RPM Momentus, it works at 4,200 RPM and thus does not perform very well when compared to current 5,400 RPM drives.

In addition to that, the drive uses three platters, which results in a total height of 12.5 mm, whereas most other 2.5" drives stick to the 9.5 mm height. This larger profile means that this drive cannot be used in many notebooks. However, Fujitsu's design is certainly good for external hard drive products or compact computers such as digital home systems or PVRs.

9.5 vs 12.5 mm.