NVIDIA, ATi Bring Five OpenGL Workstation Graphics for PCI Express to Market

NVIDIA/PNY Quadro FX 3400, Continued

In addition, rotated grid sampling can be used for full-scene anti-aliasing. This process minimizes staircase effects in the case of lines that are almost parallel with the vertical or horizontal axes.

Anyone who is now expecting the FX 3400 to be the current non plus ultra for OpenGL will soon learn otherwise. Just in time for Siggraph, NVIDIA launched its big brother, the Quadro FX 4400, with a memory bandwidth of 35.2 GB/s. The manufacturer raises the bar yet again in terms of installed memory - indeed, 512 MB of G-DDR3 memory will take a beating.

The two DVI connections can be linked together by means of Dual Link, and can control nine-megapixel monitor screens with a resolution of 3840 x 2400, if necessary. Despite the large heat sink, the FX 1300 does not take up more than one slot in a PC system.

This socket for the additional power supply needs a special adapter...

...which is supplied by NVIDIA.

Uwe Scheffel