NVIDIA, ATi Bring Five OpenGL Workstation Graphics for PCI Express to Market

Overview Of Important Data

The following table provides an overview of the card specs.

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ProductChip (Codename)TransistorsChip clock (3D)Geometry EnginesPixel Pipelines
ATi FireGL T2-128FGL9600 (RV350GL)75 mln400 MHz24
ATi FireGL V3100X300 (RV370GL-PRO)110 mln390 MHz24
ATi FireGL V3200X600 (RV380GL-XT)110 mln500 MHz24
ATi FireGL V5100X800Pro (R423GL-PRO2)160 mln450 MHz612
ATi FireGL V7100X800XT (R423GL-XT)160 mln500 MHz616
ATi FireGL X1-128FGL9700 (R300GL)107 mln325 MHz48
ATi FireGL X1-256pFGL9700 (R300GL)107 mln325 MHz48
ATi FireGL X2-256FGL9800 (R350GL)107 mln380 MHz48
ATi FireGL X2-256tFGL9800 (R350GL)107 mln412 MHz48
ATi FireGL X3-256X800Pro (R420GL-PRO2)160 mln500 MHz612
ATi FireGL Z1-128FGL9500 (RV300GL)100 mln325 MHz44
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000NV30GL125 mln300 MHzFP Array ~38
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100NV36GL82 mln425 MHzFP Array ~34
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300NV38GL HSI135 mln350 MHzFP Array ~316
NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000NV30GL125 mln400 MHzFP Array ~38
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000NV35GL130 mln400 MHzFP Array ~316
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000GNV35GL-G130 mln400 MHzFP Array ~316
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400NV45GL222 mln350 MHzFP Array ~616
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ProductMemory clock (3D)Memory TypeMem bus widthMem bandwidth
ATi FireGL T2-128300 MHzDDR128-bit10.2 GB/sec
ATi FireGL V3100190 MHzDDR128-bit6.4 GB/sec
ATi FireGL V3200350 MHzDDR128-bit12.8 GB/sec
ATi FireGL V5100350 MHzDDR256-bit22.4 GB/sec
ATi FireGL V7100500 MHzDDR-3256-bit28.8 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X1-128310 MHzDDR256-bit19.8 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X1-256p276 MHzDDR256-bit17.7 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X2-256350 MHzDDR-2256-bit22.4 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X2-256t365 MHzDDR-2256-bit22.0 GB/sec
ATi FireGL X3-256500 MHzDDR-3256-bit28.8 GB/sec
ATi FireGL Z1-128310 MHzDDR256-bit19.8 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000300 MHzDDR-2128-bit10.4 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100313 MHzDDR-2128-bit17.6 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300225 MHzDDR256-bit14.4 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000400 MHzDDR-2128-bit12.8 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000425 MHzDDR256-bit27.2 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000G425 MHzDDR256-bit27.2 GB/sec
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400450 MHzDDR-3256-bit28.8 GB/sec

Memory clock speed details with correct physical clock speed. Note: Memory runs at Double Data Rate (DDR). Marketing departments often wrongly give double the physical clock speed when DDR memory is used.

Uwe Scheffel