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NVIDIA vs. 3Dfx - TNT vs. the Voodoos

Quake2 Results With 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee

You can see that Quake 2 with a Pentium II 400 and Banshee at 1024x768 is already too slow for reliable online game play, but with some tweaking you could get it running properly.

A Celeron 300 A or Pentium II 300 let's you play Quake 2 with Banshee at 800x600 only, unless you tweak Quake 2.

These results are not quite representative, because the 3DNow! driver for Quake2 wouldn't run with Banshee. I don't know if we can expect the same results as for a Pentium II 300, but again you see that 1024x768 is no real option without tweaking.

All in all is Banshee not the right 3D chip for people who want to play Quake 2 at higher resolutions, and it doesn't go beyond 1024x768 as well.

Summary Quake 2 Results

If you want to play Quake 2 at 1152x864 you'll need TNT, that's simply it. Even K6-2 owners can get it to run at this resolution in case they don't mind tweaking Quake 2 a bit. Voodoo2 is still great for Quake 2 and if you run 2 Voodoo2 cards with SLI you'll get absolutely safe frame rates for each of the tested CPUs. However, 1152x864 is simply impossible. Another thing to look at is image quality. Please take my word for it and forgive me the lack of screen shots, but TNT looks a fair amount better than Voodoo2 or Banshee does.

All in all is Quake 2 certainly no reason to NOT buy a TNT card. For me it would be the reason to buy one, but I really fancy the 1152x864 resolution and you may not. Take in consideration that the two Voodoo2 boards cost you at least double the money that TNT costs and then you still need a 2D card to go with Voodoo2. In my eyes TNT already won the race as the best Quake 2 graphics card. Screen resolution plus image quality made me fall in love with it.

  • Pure nostalgia. Tom's Hardware is awesome for keeping 14 year old articles around, I read the whole thing and it brought back memories.
  • xkm1948
    Ahh now this brings back some old memories.