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NVIDIA vs. 3Dfx - TNT vs. the Voodoos

Benchmarking Setup

The tests were ran with 3 different systems, a Pentium II 400, a Celeron 300 A and a K6-2 300.

All systems were using:

  • Hard Drive: IBM DGVS 09U, ultra wide SCSI
  • SCSI adapter: Adaptec 2940 UW
  • Memory: 128 MB PC100 SDRAM
  • Operating System: Windows 98
  • Refresh Rates: 85 Hz for all cards in all resolutions except 1152x864 and 1600x1200 75 Hz
  • Quake 2 ver. 3.19
  • Unreal original release version, plus D3D patch for TNT, ver. 209 for Banshee


  • Asus P2B for both Slot1 CPUs
  • Asus P5A for AMD CPU


  • NVIDIA RIVA TNT:, Chip clock 90 MHz, Memory Clock 112.5 MHz
  • 3Dfx Voodoo2:
  • 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee:
  • Pure nostalgia. Tom's Hardware is awesome for keeping 14 year old articles around, I read the whole thing and it brought back memories.
  • xkm1948
    Ahh now this brings back some old memories.