NVIDIA Detonator FX 45.23

Test Setup

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General Hardware
MotherboardASUS A7N8X Deluxe. NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset
ProcessorAMD Athlon XP 2700+
RAM2x 256 MB Corsair CL2
Drivers & Configuration
Graphics DriverDetonator FX v44.03Detonator FX v45.23ATI Catalyst v3.6
Chipset DriverNVIDIA
DirectX Version9.0b
OSWindows XP Professional SP1
Unreal Tournament 2003Version 2225Antalus Flyby
Quake III Team ArenaPatch V1.32Custom Timedemo
Gunmetal BenchmarkVersion 1.20s
3DMark 2003Version 3.3.0
Nascar Racing 2003OpenGLDemo VersionCustom TimedemoFPS measured with FRAPS


UT 2003 Standard

In 1024x768, the new driver with the GeForce FX cards is somewhat slower, but in higher resolutions, it catches up again. The resulting scores of the GeForce 4 Ti are nearly identical.