NVIDIA Detonator FX 45.23

3D Mark 2003

The optimizations in the driver for 3D Mark 2003, which Futuremark deactivated with the Patch v330, are active once again in the new driver.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GeForce 4 Ti 4800GeForce FX 5600 UltraGeForce FX 5900 Ultra
GT1 Wings of Fury116.3122.1123.8135.7160.1169.7
GT2 Battle of Proxycon10.710.718.923.137.642.5
GT3 Toll's Lair10.810.815.91930.533.9
GT4 Mother Nature009.315.219.133.9
CPU Score580581573571574571
CPU Test 158.458.957.356.757.456.9
CPU Test 211.411.311.311.311.311.3
Fill Rate (Single T.)864.3864.31112.51112.41479.91479.6
Fill Reate (Multi T.)2195.821961349.61349.231813180
Vertex Shader6.
Pixel Shader 2.0007.518.319.447.7

With the new driver, the scores in 3D Mark 2003 increase dramatically. However, you should decide for yourself how meaningful this benchmark is today.