NVIDIA Launches Titanium Series

Three Times Titanium - Confusion Or Good Marketing? Continued

GeForce3 Titanium 500

This is the 'real' new performance king of NVIDIA's GeForce3-series. The 'Titanium 500'-package combines a GeForce3 chip clocked at 240 MHz with 64 MB of DDR-memory running at 500 MHz. The 20% core clock and particularly the 9% memory clock increase over the normal GeForce3 cards ensure a new level of top 3D performance. GeForce3 Ti500 is also meant to keep ATi's upcoming Radeon8500 at arms length.

GeForce3 Titanium 200

The new 'Ti200' package is supposed to offer GeForce3-performance at a lower price point than current GeForce3 cards. The GeForce3 cards we knew so far will disappear, replaced by GeForce3 Ti200 cards. With a core clock of only 175 MHz and a DDR-memory clock of just 400 MHz, the specs of GeForce3 Ti200 are somewhat lower than those of previous GeForce3 cards (200/460 MHz), so that we might see somewhat less 3D-performance as well.