NVIDIA Launches Titanium Series

Test Results [Updated]

3D Mark 2001 - Theoretical Scores

3DMark2001 is an excellent tool for comparing cards from the same manufacturer with the same driver.

GeForce3 Ti500 is clearly the fastest, while 'old' GeForce3 and 'old' GeForce2 Ultra are clearly ahead of their new 'Titanium'-replacements.

The picture is similar with FSAA enabled (GF3 - quincunx / GF2 - 2x). Especially GeForce2 Ti is hardly scoring better than good old GeForce2 Pro.

In terms of real fill rate, GeForce3 Ti500 beats the rest, but 'old' GeForce3 has also got quite a lead over GeForce3 Ti200. GeForce2 Ti is hardly any better than 'old' GeForce2 Pro, while 'old' GeForce2 Ultra is clearly ahead.

This theoretical number shows that a high core clock without a high memory clock is at least good for high polygon scores. What surprises is that GeForce2 is clearly beating GeForce3.