NVIDIA New Reference Driver 12.xx More Power For Pentium 4?

Professional OpenGL - SPECviewperf 6.1.2

The most impressive impact of the new driver revision 12.10 can be found in SPECviewperf. In the sub-benchmark DX-06 Pentium 4 gains more than 100%! The P4-scores in Advanced Visualizer (Awadvs-04) and Light-04 are also significantly increased. Only MedMCAD-01 doesn't seem to like the new driver release 12.10. Pentium 4's score drops by some 20%. At the same time, the Athlon scores remain almost identical. It doesn't seem as if the OpenGL-part of the new 12.10 driver release was in any way blessed with new Athlon optimizations.

The overall result of SPECviewperf shows what a difference the Pentium 4 optimizations of the new driver are able to make. While Pentium 4 used to be slower than Athlon in this test before, it is now able to beat Athlon in all but one sub-benchmark.