NVIDIA New Reference Driver 12.xx More Power For Pentium 4?

AquaNox AquaMark

The benchmark of this upcoming underwater action 3D game is hardly showing any performance change. In fact, the scores got a tiny bit worse with driver revision 12.10. In this benchmark Pentium 4 is not able to show any improvement.

Dronez Demo

The story is completely different with the upcoming OpenGL action 3D game 'Dronez'. Pentium 4 used to perform better than Athlon with the old driver already. The new driver revision 12.10 makes both processors perform about 10% better than before, with Pentium 4 gaining a tiny bit more performance than Athlon.


Evolva is a DirectX7 3D game that might be suited best for the GeForce2 Ultra card we used in our test. You can clearly see that Pentium 4 gains more performance than Athlon once driver revision 12.10 is used.