OCZ’s RevoDrive X2: When A Fast PCIe SSD Isn’t Fast Enough

Benchmark Results: I/O Performance

In talking to OCZ about its target for the RevoDrive X2, the company is adamant that a PCI Express-based SSD is appropriate anywhere I/O performance is taxed. And it’s easy to see why that recommendation makes sense.

Although average IOPS don’t scale linearly, there’s a clear progression from one SandForce controller to two and then to four. And while the RevoDrive X2 and IBIS are configured similarly, the native PCI Express-based board delivers slightly better performance in the database and file server benchmark patterns.  

The same holds true in our Web server test in Iometer. Here, though, Intel’s X25-M 160 GB edges out OCZ’s Vertex 2 120 GB.

A workstation-oriented workload completes the RevoDrive X2’s chart-topping showing here. In each test case, the PCIe board outmaneuvers the HSDL-attached IBIS, demonstrates a significant advantage over the two-controller RevoDrive, and an even more commanding lead over a standard SF-1200-based 2.5” SSD.

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • joelmartinez
    Too much money :( will get the vertex 3 though :) or intel
  • alikum
    If only they could make SSDs cheaper ... Mechanical drives are still the way to go
  • eklipz330
    although i think sandforce's new controller won't be as fast as they claim, i really think it's gonna change the face of the ssd race by the end of the year

    and probably a new iteration of the revodrive as well... can't wait!! =D =D i need me a 160gb for less than $1/gb... that's how much i bought my raptor for like 4 years ago!!
  • dauthus
    In related news, OCZ stock is up to $6.80 a share, rising 19%+ today.
  • How does this compare to the new Z-drive R3?
  • cmi86
    Yeah its really cool and i wish i had 1...or 2 lol but it just costs waay too much money, isnt really practical for enthusiast use until the prices drop
  • dirtmountain
    You routinely use $500 graphic cards (GTX580) and $1,200 displays (2560x1600)in reviews. The price for this upgrade ($650)isn't any harder to stomach then those.
  • cangelini
    dirtmountainYou routinely use $500 graphic cards (GTX580) and $1,200 displays (2560x1600)in reviews. The price for this upgrade ($650)isn't any harder to stomach then those.
    Aye, but it's a little less tangible than exotic graphics configurations, too.
  • razor512
    a pci-e ssd seems good, I want one, MS word will run sooo much better
  • alidan
    i realy wish they would put a 7200 10000 and 15000 drive in there, all top of their respective class, just so we can get some prospective of how much an improvement these are over traditional hdds.