Overclocking AMD's Socket Processors


I published it yesterday in my latest Monday Blurb. AMD is planning to lock the internal multipliers of their Athlon/Thunderbird and Duron processors. This would mean that the technique that I presented in the last 'Overclocking SocketA ' article, which works by altering the multiplier of those CPUs from the motherboard, might be history very soon.

Overclocking By Altering The Processor - The Tiny Copper Bridges Of TBird And Duron

Luckily we found an alternative, as also already pointed out in my blurb from yesterday . The 'other' way to alter the multiplier as well as the core voltage of AMD's SocketA processors is to alter the settings of those tiny little copper bridges found on each of those CPUs.

Wadhah Al-Tailji To The Rescue

Yesterday I hadn't quite been able to give you the full low-down on how to alter the multiplier, but after Wadhah Al-Tailji was nice enough to send in pictures of his Duron 600 processor I had finally received the last piece of the puzzle:

You might remember that I had already fiddled out that the row 'L7 ' represents the core voltage setting and that row 'L6 ' holds the Frequency IDs, short 'FIDs'. I knew that L3 and L4 keep the additional 'BP_FID' settings, but with the four processors I had it was impossible to find out which of the pins had to be set how. The pictures of Wadhah's Duron 600 changed this situation.