Overdrive: Italy's Team Is Chosen


Final Scores
NextHardware Hiwa-Zilla-Qballe Extreme Hardware Memory Extreme
PiFast 17.24 17.25 17.07 16.86
SuperPI 1M 8.034 7.816 7.769 7.768
SuperPI 32M 10:17:854 11:19:142
Wprime 32M 12.870 12.886 12.760
Wprime 1024M 430.154 420.342 419.749
AquaMark 194,175 211,925
3DMark01 78938
3DMark03 69399
3DMark05 28879 30602
3DMark06 19750 21249

Team Memory Extreme, after the first day’s difficulties and those encountered on the morning of the second day, changed strategy. Following all the benchmarks to mark a score, they then improved all the results one by one. It seems that the strategy was successful—Memory Extreme reached the first position in 9 out of 10 specialties, followed by Team Hiwa-Zilla-Qballe. It was third place for NextHardware, while closing the ranks was Extreme Hardware, due to two burned motherboards putting them out of the challenge.

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  • jwl3
    Who cares? Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about this overclocking competition? They devote 5 articles a day about this thing. How does that affect me? 95% of overclockers are not overclocking for bragging rights, they want to get the most out of their system. What the heck do we give a damn that some dude got his machine to 8.0 GHZ?