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PC Case Roundup: Spring 2008

PC Case Roundup: June 2008

It occurs to me that for PC enthusiasts, shopping for a PC case is remarkably similar to shopping for a car: It’s not enough that my case will do the job (although that’s important), I want it to be an expression of my individuality and style. It doesn’t matter if anyone else is particularly impressed with my choice; like a car, a PC case is something you’re going to have to live with for a while, so you’d better be happy with it yourself.

Unlike their humble cookie-cutter beginnings, PC cases have really come into their own. We’ll be comparing eight different PC cases today; not only do they look incredibly different, they also sport very diverse features. Some specialize in cooling, some are oriented towards ease of access, while others focus on added functionality. With this in mind, let’s examine our first sample…