PC Graphics Beyond XBOX - NVIDIA Introduces GeForce4

Max Payne

In Max Payne, a DirectX 8 game, the differences are significantly larger. Here, even the "smaller" GeForce4 Ti is ahead of the Ti500. At 1600x1200, the GeForce4 Ti4600 achieved double the frame rate as ATI's RADEON 8500! The MX460 was also surprising - this beat the GeForce3 Ti200 by a nose.

At 1024x768, the Ti4600 with the 2x FSAA activated is faster than the GeForce3 Ti500 without FSAA! Even at 1280x1024, the Ti4600 with 2X reaches the scores of the Ti500. In contrast, the performance loss of the GeForce4 MX460 with 2X FSAA is much more evident than with the Ti500 series.