PC Graphics Beyond XBOX - NVIDIA Introduces GeForce4

NV17 - GeForce4 MX Series

'MX,' the code of NVIDIA's value chips has made a big jump. So far, we only knew 'MX' from GeForce2 MX. There never was a GeForce3 MX, but now NVIDIA is introducing the GeForce4 MX line. We were supplied with the flagship of this line of value 3D-cards, the GeForce4 MX460:

Unfortunately, the 'GeForce4' name isn't very helpful and will cause a lot of confusion. While all GeForce3 cards sport the vertex shader feature ('nfiniteFX'), GeForce4 will not be so straightforward. The effect of this is that GeForce3 cards are actually far more advanced than GeForce4 MX cards! Be aware of that!

While GeForce4 Ti is the pinnacle of today's mainstream 3D chip technology, GeForce4 MX is a mere advance of GeForce2 MX technology. GeForce4 MX does not contain any nfiniteFX-engine and, therefore, no full DirectX 8.x functionality, either.