PC Graphics Beyond XBOX - NVIDIA Introduces GeForce4

NV25 - GeForce4 Ti Series

The really high-end product line that NVIDIA is introducing today with all the bells and whistles carries the name 'GeForce4 Ti'. The flagship of this line was sent out to all the reviewers worldwide, as the GeForce4 Ti4600:

Besides GeForce4 Ti4600, there will also be a GeForce4 Ti4400 and a GeForce4 Ti4200 to make the confusion perfect. In the following table you see the basic specs of the new GeForce4 Ti card series, compared to NVIDIA's former flagship product, the GeForce3 Ti500.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GeForce4 Ti4600GeForce4 Ti4400GeForce4 Ti4200GeForce3 Ti500
Chip Clock300 MHz275 MHz225 MHz240 MHz
Memory Clock650 MHz (DDR)550 MHz500 MHz500 MHz
Amount of Memory128 MB128 MB128 MB64 MB
Memory Bandwidth10,400 MB/s8,800 MB/s8,000 MB/s8,000 MB/s
Theoretical Fill Rate1,200 Mpixel/s1,100 Mpixel/s900 Mpixel/s960 Mpixel/s

Before we get into the technology behind the GeForce4 Ti series, let's have a quick peep at the basic specs of NV25:

  • 63 million transistors (only 3 million more than GeForce3)
  • Manufactured in TSMC's .15 µ process
  • Chip clock 225 - 300 MHz
  • Memory clock 500 - 650 MHz
  • Memory bandwidth 8,000 - 10,400 MB/s
  • TnL Performance of 75 - 100 million vertices/s
  • 128 MB frame buffer by default
  • nfiniteFX II engine
  • Accuview Anti Aliasing
  • Light Speed Memory Architecture II
  • nView