PC Power Supplies: More Important than You Think

Modular Cables And Connectors

Another PSU trend is to improve cable management, in an attempt to undo the rat's nest of cables that so often unwinds inside PCs. Cheaper PSUs hard-wire the necessary cable bundles directly to their internal components. This leads to the unfortunate consequence that even unused cables must be accommodated inside the PC enclosure - in a worst case situation, this can interfere with air circulation.

For a few dollars more, you can purchase a power supply with a reduced cable bundle that services only the most important components. Additional cables may be plugged into modular outlets as needed. This not only improves air circulation, it also makes the PC's innards much tidier and easier on the eyes.

Modular cable management is available from plenty of other vendors, as well as in Gigabyte's Odin PSUs...

... including a little pocket to do away with unneeded cables.

The complete retail package and contents.

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