Pentium 4 with Dual DDR: Endurance Test of Seven Motherboards with the Granite Bay Chipset

Tyan Trinity I7205 (S2662)

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1.03 (January 6, 2003)

Unfortunately, Tyan took last place in the performance ranking of this comparison. Thus, the characteristics are to be found beneath the surface: the processing capacity on this board is one of the highest. Along with the standard components (five PCI, AGP 8x, UltraATA/ 100), also provided are a Gigabit Ethernet controller from Intel (82540EM), an AC97 sound system and an Ultra160/ Ultra320 SCSI controller. The last of these, however, was not furnished.

The package only includes a set of ribbon cables, a CD and the manual.

The board from Tyan is also available with an optional integrated SCSI controller.