The Pentium Elite, Part 2: 955X versus nForce4 IE

Intel D955XBK

Board revision: ?

BIOS version: 1959

In the past, Intel motherboards were always reliable companions, but for the technically interested user, they were rather plain. Given that history, we can say that the importance of the competitive struggle in the motherboard sector is illustrated best by the D955XBK from Intel. Compared to previous offerings, the board from the chip market leader would almost be unrecognizable, if its corporate identity weren't revealed at all key points and in the professional packaging.

Even if the 955X chipset is outstandingly equipped by today's standards, this does not mean it is the automatic winner in an arena dominated by power users. As a result, the Intel motherboard is souped up with additional components: Firewire A and B, four additional SATA-II ports, and a front panel for additional interfaces should meet the users' requirements. The SATA cables are even provided with locking mechanisms. Another noteworthy advantage is the 955XBK's design without fans.