The Pentium Elite, Part 2: 955X versus nForce4 IE

Abit AW8-MAX 3rd Eye II, Continued

We caused a system crash when we attempted to select the µGuru "quiet" setting. The reason for this is probably the aggressive memory timing of CL3-2-2-8 that we chose, which assumes a DDR2 voltage of 2.1 V. In "quiet" mode, the µGuru software switches back to the standard value of 1.8 V, however, which causes a failure. You must therefore be content with the three USER settings which are provided. In any case, it is good that the FSB cycles can be reduced to 100 MHz; this opens the door to under-clocking, which means a reduction of heat loss and energy consumption.

Comes with the largest case: no other motherboard has such a cumbersome housing.

µGuru Clock