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Pixio PX279 Prime Review: IPS With Speed to Spare

A few tweaks make this 240Hz monitor shine.

Pixio PX279 Prime
(Image: © Pixio)

In all PC hardware categories, you get more for the money as time passes. What starts as premium, bleeding-edge technology eventually becomes a commodity and a better value. Monitors with IPS panels running faster than 60 Hz used to be a rarity. Who remembers the Overlord Tempest X270QC?

Today, it’s easy to find inexpensive 27-inch monitors with 144 Hz and Adaptive-Sync for under $400. Even better is the Pixio PX279 Prime with 240 Hz and HDR. While it doesn’t include everything but the kitchen sink, it has what you need for high-performance gaming and a good quality image.

(Image credit: Pixio)

There are some shoppers who will only buy IPS monitors, mainly because of their superior viewing angles. Pixio’s AHVA-IPS panel is one of the better ones we’ve seen in that regard. It also delivers a bright and saturated picture once you tweak a few settings. And that is the PX279 Prime’s main flaw. It doesn’t look that great right out of the box, but dig a little, and you’ll find a surprisingly good picture. Gaming performance didn’t disappoint with the monitor offering speed and faultless FreeSync and (unofficial) G-Sync compatibility, On the other hand,

Of little benefit, however, is the PX279 Prime’s HDR implementation. Though it processed HDR10 signals correctly, a lack of extra contrast or an extended color gamut limits the impact a greater dynamic range would provide. And we saw some ghosting when the overdrive became less effective. HDR is not a reason to buy this monitor.

The PX279 Prime is a competent and fast gaming display for a low price. A few tweaks to the OSD produces a good image, and you’ll be able to play for hours with smooth and responsive video processing. For less than $350, what more does a gamer need?

Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.