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Do It Yourself: More Storage For Your PlayStation 3

Step 3: Install The Firmware

Once you start the PlayStation 3 with its new 640 GB hard drive, the system will complain about missing firmware. The emergency system will ask you to reboot with the firmware backup drive attached via USB 2.0. This may either be the latest, downloaded firmware or the backup we created above.

Any data that exists on the new hard drive may be lost. You would expect this, so let’s move on. You need to confirm by holding the Start and Select buttons on the PS3 simultaneously for several seconds.

We are about to install the latest firmware version 3.30.

We now need to wait until the system completes its installation. This takes a few minutes. Please note that the process described on this page only concerns the PS3 firmware that was written to your USB 2.0 storage device when you performed the backup. Data restore has to be performed on the recovered, workable PS3. See the next page for details.