Portable Storage: Convenience is the Key

Buffalo MiniStation Turbo USB (120, 320 GB)

Buffalo’s MiniStation Turbo USB is the little brother of the DriveStation Turbo USB, which we reviewed few weeks ago. The product page on the Buffalo website explains what Buffalo means in saying that the Turbo USB devices are up to 64% faster : this refers to the throughput of an average 4,200 RPM 2.5" hard drive. Buffalo’s MiniStation and DriveStation Turbo USB products are measured to be up to 64% faster, which is a result of the latest 5,400 RPM hard drives and interface optimizations. It’s still USB 2.0 here, though.

The MiniStation Turbo USB is based on a black, shock resistant plastic enclosure. Buffalo achieved its shock resilience by not using screws or rigid mounts, but rather a so-called floating design. It utilizes small foam cubes that lock the drive inside the enclosure softly, which acts as a loose and hence shock resistant mount. We also note that this approach dampens vibrations and reduces the noise generated by vibration. Finally, the USB connector cable was designed to be wrapped around the drive ; the connector can be placed into a parking position for storage.

Buffalo ships the drive in capacities of 80, 120, 160, 250 and 320 GB. The box includes a USB 2.0 data cable, a separate USB power cable, a quick installation manual and the software CD. This product supports both Windows and Mac OS 10.5.

  • After 6 hours of "copying" the contents of my C drive using the Safety feature - which indicated that it had copied 260+MB successfully, nothing was written to the drive. This is worse than useless because if I had not checked to see how much space was still available I would not have realized I had no backup to recover from. Seagate Technical support confirmed my observations. Drive was fine, software was useless.