Portable Storage: Convenience is the Key

StorageSync Software

SimpleTech bundles a backup software solution called StorageSync. First you select a source and a target hard drive. Next you should have a look at the settings options, where you can enable compression and file encryption (128 or 256 bit AES algorithms). It is also possible to exclude certain file types from the backup set, which can be full or incremental. Finally, versioning is also supported, and you can select the number of file versions to be backed up. To get the backup going you'll have to select the folders you want to be included. All selected folders can be synchronized with your system, or replicated later on.

  • After 6 hours of "copying" the contents of my C drive using the Safety feature - which indicated that it had copied 260+MB successfully, nothing was written to the drive. This is worse than useless because if I had not checked to see how much space was still available I would not have realized I had no backup to recover from. Seagate Technical support confirmed my observations. Drive was fine, software was useless.